Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Waiting for Google

Is it pretentious to reference things you actually have never read or seen? As in, "Waiting for Google" like "Waiting for Godot", which I know is a play, but have never actually seen or read. Well, whatever. Point is, I'm waiting for the Google spider to come around and hit this blog so that I can hopefully jump up in the listings for Kerry Beagles, and possibly get some traffic. So I'm posting this just to push myself back up the list of updated blogs and maybe get some traffic. Unfortunately, I know nothing more about Kerry Beagles than I did when I started this, since nobody has stopped by yet!

Monday, December 26, 2005


Looking for Kerry Beagles and their people

I've decided to dedicate a small portion of my time to trying to find other people who have had the pleasure of having a Kerry Beagle in their lives. This is my Max, who had to be put to sleep this August after 6 years with me (and 6 before that with my wife). He was the most remarkable dog I've ever known, and made such an impact on me that I feel compelled to search out his brethren, if there are any.

I'm working from the assumption that Max was at least partly (or mostly) Kerry Beagle. There's a picture in our dog breed book that looks JUST like him, and every description we've read fit him to a tee.

From what little I've been able to find, Kerry Beagles are an extremely rare breed, especially here in the U.S. First of all, they're not beagles, but rather a type of foxhound from Ireland. They are one of the oldest breeds in Ireland, also known as "Pocadan". It sounds like there are still numerous packs bred in Ireland for drag hunting (chasing a hare without actually killing it). There's a decent number of Irish sites with basic information, but the few that mention the States all seem to think there aren't any over here. And yet, there are. I swear Max was one. And we found these pictures of Kerry Beagle puppies from someone who appears to live in South Carolina, but they haven't answered our email yet. However, the adorableness of those puppies and the close resemblance of the mom to Max have made us determined to make contact with them.

My main goal here is to become on of the top hits on Google for "Kerry beagle" and "Pocadan" so that any other people looking for information on them will post on my blog and help me start building a kerry-beagle-lover community. A secondary goal would be to find a Kerry beagle in need of a home. So if anyone happens upon this blog and knows ANYTHING about Kerry beagles, please post a comment with your information and lets see if we can get something going here.

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